Rabbit, rabbit!

From Heather Champ:

What’s the deal with rabbit rabbit?

You’ll have good luck all month if the first words you utter on the first of the month are “rabbit rabbit.” Bonus luck if it’s your birth month.

If it’s the first of the month and you’re reading this, don’t fret. Simply reverse the process as you drift off into slumber land repeating “tibbar tibbar.” That’s rabbit rabbit backwards.

Today is the first day of February, and the first checkin for the Rabbit Rabbit Resolution Accountability Squad.

The rules of the group are:

1. Make only ONE resolution for 2013

2. Phrase it in such a way that the resolution is either TRUE or FALSE for a given month

3. Be clear about what counts and what doesn’t count if applicable

4. Check in to the list on the 1st of every month, re-commit to it if necessary

More thoughts on how to make a well-phrased resolution.

I had to register a MISS for the month of January. But I’m back on track for February.

The point is to have an easy opportunity to both remember, and restart, resolutions throughout the year.

Feel free to join the group even if you missed the first month. No point in waiting until Jan 2014 to make a new resolution.


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