Rabbit Rabbit Resolution Accountability Squad

Want to try something fun and different for new year’s resolutions this year?

1. Make only ONE resolution.

You’ll forget the rest anyway. Better to do one right than to do a whole bunch wrong.

2. Phrase your resolution in such a way that it is either TRUE or FALSE for a 1 month period.

For example, these are all properly worded:

  1. Go to the gym at least 10 times a month
  2. Lose at least 2 lbs a month if I weigh over 175lbs
  3. Complete 10 pages of my book a month
  4. Meditate every week day

And these are not properly worded:

  1. Smile more
  2. Stop procrastinating
  3. Be a better father

it’s really easy to create a resolution that is vague because vague is SAFE. Better than safe is clear. Step out on a ledge a little by being specific and you’ll know for certain when you’re actually on track, and it will feel good.

3. Get some accountability

You can do this on your own if you want. Find a group of motivated friends to keep you accountable.

The point of accountability is that you can’t come up with a million stupid excuses without being called out on it. I’m volunteering myself to call you out on it in 2013.

Join my new Rabbit Rabbit Resolution Accountability Squad. It’ll be a monthly check in to a large group with whether or not you did you resolution in the previous month.

Everyone that checks in, wins. Everyone that doesn’t check in will be called out in an email to the full group. Ooh, scary, right? No money on the line, no embarrassing pictures mailed out, just simple accountability about whether or not you did what you said you would do to people that you’ll probably never run into.

Why this interests me #

This is just my latest in a long line of experiments to see if various combinations of motivational elements and course correction strategies actually works for 1) me and 2) other people.

My hypothesis is that monthly checkins and public accountability will lead to an interesting chemical reaction in our brains that actually helps us remember our resolutions longer than a week.

Also, I just want to collect a few minds who are interested in this challenge and who don’t mind experimenting with me.

Join the Rabbit Rabbit Resolution Accountability Squad for fun. And, if you want, help spread the word.


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